Compagnia San Michele - Malta


In this section we focus on the events that took place in Malta at the end of the 14th and up till mid to late 15th century.

Particular attention is given to the life and events of il Borgo  and its Castro whose name this group commemorates.

Notable events that occurred during the time span being portrayed are: 




1425 - 1427:

20 June 1428: 

September 1429:
Armed clashes in Mdina between forces loyal to Guglielmo Raimondo Moncada (declared a rebel by King Martin I) and Royalist forces, in particular Knight Francesco Gatto. Also in direct relation to these events, there was a siege on il Borgo and its Castro by King Martin I's forces against Artale d' Alagona. Command of the besieging forces was assumed by Knight Alamagnus de Pulcropodio. (Dalli 2006)

Rebellion on the island of  Gozo which was crushed by Knight Francesco Gatto.

An attack by a Muslim force of Moors.

Uprising against Gonsalvo Monroy which ultimately saw the Islands' population buying back the fiefdom.

Signing of the Maltese Magna Carta Libertatis giving the Maltese Universita the right of self government answering directly to the King.

An army of Hafsid Arabs invaded Malta and laid siege to Mdina. The Maltese emerged victorious but not without suffering heavy losses. It is on this occassion that legend has it that St. Paul appeared on a white horse charging the enemy.

< Left:   Painting by Mattia Preti (1682)

             St. Paul's apparition during the siege of 1429

             Mdina Cathedral

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