Compagnia San Michele - Malta



Mission Statement:

To organise and stage, alone or in partnership with other organisations, in particular Museums and other historical sites, high-quality, historically accurate representations and educational activities.

About Us:

Established in January 2015, Compagnia San Michele - Malta is a Maltese historical interpretation group and voluntary organisation (VO/1080) whose intent is to stage educational displays and events that are as historically accurate as possible.

Compagnia San Michele is also a research and study group that was born out of the passion of a group of people for local history and how these islands and the inhabitants have been shaped through historical events both locally and abroad.

The group focuses on representing historical scenes from the late medieval to the early modern period. Attention to detail is key. No effort is spared in researching and discussing minute details such as materials used amongst a multitude of other points. This is all done so as to be able to deliver a professional product that benefits the public in general.

This is possible through the knowledge and dedication of our members, most of whom are historians, licensed tour guides and archaeologists among others.

Some may wonder why a Maltese group has chosen an Italian name. This is all part of the historical aspect that is central to San Michele. During the periods represented the Italian language was what is called the lingua franca; that is the common language used in official documents and correspondence.

This is in no way playing down on the importance of the local language but rather opening a window on the official language of the period.

The choice of St Michael is no coincidence. The Archangel is synonymous to the defender of the Catholic faith which was an integral part of society in the periods being represented. It is also known that a cult of St. Michael existed in Malta at least since the middle ages. The chapel of San Mikiel is- Sancir in Rabat – said to be one of; if not the oldest medieval chapel on the island - is testament to this devotion.

In addition to the ecclesiastic aspect of the archangel one can find a number of references in the military aspect of the islands. These include two forts in the Cottonera area alone (Ft. St Michael - Senglea and Ft. St. Angelo - Vittoriosa) along with other fortifications elsewhere.

Compagnia San Michele prides itself in the research that goes into what is delivered to the public and firmly believes that 'living history' is not a phrase to be taken lightly. Historical interpreters are duty bound to deliver a well researched product, sparing no detail and in so doing, dispelling any myths and misconceptions associated with these historical periods.

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