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In this page you shall find a brief description of upcoming and past events. For photos and videos of the events click the Flickr and YouTube icons were available.

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

May 2018

Between Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 May 2018, Compagnia San Michele participated in the 10th edition of Medieval Mdina Festival. During this event  Compagnia San Michele showcased brand new displays. These complemented other displays to create a bigger setup than ever before.

Compagnia San Michele took the visitors back to a specific time period in the history of Mdina by representing a little known event in the history of this city. The year is 1439 and the plague is sweeping over Malta. The Universita’ in Mdina declared quarantines and a blockade of the city to prevent the spread of the pestilence. Compagnia San Michele set up a contrada pulchra, literally meaning, “a clean neighbourhood”. Within this quarantine area, life continued and visitors could witness recreations of various aspects of society from that historical period.

From 8 till 10 December 2017 Compagnia San Michele - Malta organised its first ever International event which saw the participation of eight groups from around Italy. The event was held at Fort St. Angelo in Birgu in collaboration with Heritage Malta and portrayed the history of the Hospitaller Order of St John from its inception in the Holy land to its departure from Malta in 1798.

On Sunday 5 November 2017, Compagnia San Michele conducted its fourth and final interactive tour "Relive the Medieval Life of Mdina" for calendar year 2017. This brought the series of tours to a successful end having had a good number of visitors joining each of the tours. Special thanks goes to the Malta Tourism Authority for supporting the project, the Mdina Local Council for their assistance and the various tour guides who lent their services to contribute to this successful project. 

Between Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 April 2017 Compagnia San Michele participated in the Mdina Medieval Festival. This festival is held annually and is organised by the Mdina Local Council.

A video of San Michele's participation in this activity is included

here >

On Saturday 15 October Compagnia San Michele (CSM) held an educational activity at the site of the medieval church of Hal Millieri.

Set in the late 15th century, the visitors were able to see the historical site in its context, with members of CSM dressed in reproduced period clothing typical of the late 1400's while explaining their respective displays.

In this event, CSM launched a new setup related to painting techniques in the medieval period.

On Thursday 8 September 2016, we participated in the Open Day held at Fort St Angelo in Birgu. The site has become a symbol of victory over the Ottoman Empire since its siege in 1565.

On 7 September 1565 a relief force landed on the Northern part of Malta and sealed the fate of the demoralised Ottoman forces who withdrew from the island by 12 September 1565.

August 2016

Between Friday 19 and Saturday 20 August 2016, Compagnia San Michele in collaboration with Din l-Art Ħelwa held a living history activity at Santa Maria Tower on the island of Comino portraying the early 17th Century.

The tower itself was built in 1618 during the reign of Grand Master Alof de' Wignacourt.

July 2016

On 13 July 2016, Compagnia San Michele participated in the event 'Libri e Madrigali' which was held in the newly restored Birgu ditch.

Organised by the all male choir Cappella Sanctae Catharinae and the Notarial Archives, this event highlighted the importance of such archives with Compagnia San Michele delivering short talks on how these archives are essential to understanding society in the past and interpret our history.

On 29 May 2016, in collaboration with Din l-Art Ħelwa we organised an event at Torri Mamo, a mid 17th century fortified country residence.

Visitors could attend talks on a number of topics related to 17th century Malta and what led to Mamo family building this private fortification; as well as a number of displays.

April 2016

Between Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 April 2016, Compagnia San Michele participated for the second consecutive year in the annual event Medieval Mdina organised by the Mdina Local Council.

A video with highlights from our activities during the event is included >

February 2016

Compagnia San Michele in collaboration with Din l- Art Helwa and Cappella Sanctae Catharinae held a historical interpretation activity at the church of Bir Miftuh on Sunday 28 February between 10 am and 4 pm. The theme revolved around the rural life in the early 15th century around the time when the church itself was built.

It wa a rare opportunity to visit this unique historical site and embark on an audio visual time travel to the early years of this church's existance. Compagnia San Michele showcased researched reproductions of period clothing and equipment while the choir Cappella Sanctae Catharinae performed a repertoire of Gregorian chant. This provided visitors with a rare occasion to visit the church in its medieval context.

All proceeds through donations on the day went towards the maintenance of this invaluable historical site.


October 2015

Re-enactment Group San Michele participated in the Senglea Maritime Festival on 25 October 2015. During this event we set up at St Anne's Gate in Senglea were we delivered a number of presentations on Senglea during the time of the Hospitaller Knights from its inception in 1552 to the decades following the siege of 1565.


During the year 2015, Reenactment Group San Michele teamed up with Heritage Malta for the 450th anniversary of siege of 1565 which saw the Ottoman forces of Suleiman I invade the island of Malta and besiege the fortifications around the Grand Harbour.

Heritage Malta assisted Compagnia San Michele in setting up the clothing and equipment of the period while Compagnia San Michele provided historical interpretation to museums and sites of Heritage Malta thus complementing the exhibits.

Compagnia San Michele was also involved in a project in conjunction with Heritage Malta and Television Malta (TVM) for the 450th commemoration of the Siege of 1565. The documentary (in six parts) named 'L- Assedju' was aired for the first time during summer of the same year. It is now set for release on DVD.

As part of these commemorations, Re-enactment Group San Michele has partaken in the official opening of the 1565 exhibition at the Presidential Palace in Valletta.

This exhibition featuring exhibits related to the Hospitaller Order of St. John and the Great Siege, shall be open till 6 December 2015.


June 2015

Between Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 June some of our members represented Reenactment Group San Michele in our very first event abroad: La Corte Della Seta - Torneo Isolani.

Compagnia San Michele was kindly hosted by Compagnia d' Arme delle Tredici Porte of Bologna.


May 2015

On Sunday 17 May, Compagnia San Michele took part in the annual event "Life at Sea" organised by Heritage Malta at the Malta Maritime Museum.

This year's edition was special; in that it commemorates the 450th anniversary since the Ottoman fleet arrived off the coast of Malta carrying a large invasion force.

The news report can be viewed by following this link:



April 2015

Between Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 April, Compagnia San Michele participated in the annual event Medieval Mdina organised by the Mdina Local Council.

This was our first major event since our launch just over three months earlier.

You can find photos of the event in our Facebook page.